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Asian Urological Society of Endoluminal surgery & Technology

Asian Urological Society of Endoluminal surgery & Technology, AUSET’ aims to achieve the most optimized medical treatment based on the advanced technologies in the urological area.
AUSET will provide excellent debate & discussion opportunities, where leading experts will gather to brainstorm, share 
experience, and speak on the latest medical/ technological developments pertaining to the discipline.
AUSET’s one of the established seminars, ‘Endoluminal and Technology Symposium, ETS’ is organized and managed by 
highly respected members of the medical profession in the region and representatives from the various industry partners.

What the Endoluminal Endourology is

The video interview by Sung Yong Cho and Daron Smith explains a new trend of endoluminal endourology, which was 
given to the audience of the 5th Endoluminal Technology Symposium on August 11-12, 2023.

Introduction of ETS :
Endoluminal & Technology Symposium


ETS fundamentally focuses on Endoluminal Urology and related Technologies and aims to provide up-to-date trends, 

techniques, challenges, and advancements in focused areas. Unlike the other traditional conferences which are limited in 
how many presenters/sessions it can serve, ETS runs based on the participants' input and feedback.


New Educational Platform

ETS incorporates Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) platform which allows all the participants to have their fair 
opportunities to contribute and enhance the quality of the topic, contents, and discussions. Due to its open and multi-
directional communication platform, participants are encouraged to raise their points or arguments freely while sharing a 
wider range of knowledge and experience. Most ETS topics and contents were developed through online discussions 
and collaborations among participants and this unique culture settled in nicely through the past 3 years of practice.

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