History of 

Endoluminal & Technology Symposium(ETS),


& Stone Expert Meeting in Korea

 "Endoluminal & Technology Symposium" 

is the first urological symposium in Korea which focused in Endoluminal Endourology and its related technologies. 

 "Young Endourology Study [YES] Group" 

has started in 2015 by Prof. Sung Yong Cho & Prof. Woo Jin Bang to share updated knowledge and experiences in managing Endoluminal EndoUrology related diseases.

Members has contributed significantly in developing new surgical methods and techniques and still continuing active discussion, educational courses and joint research to improve expertise in area of Endoluminal EndoUrology.

Sung Yong Cho

Hyung Joon Kim

Juhyun Park

Kyungtae Ko

Dong Sup Lee

Kyo Chul Koo

Young Eun Yoon

Woo Jin Bang 

Kwang Taek Kim

Sang Hyub Lee

Wonho Jung 

Min Soo Choo

Jae Young Choi 

Ohseung Kwon

 "Stone Expert Meeting in Korea

was the first stone expert meeting in Korea.  It was held in SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center (March 10, 2017) by the key organizer, Prof. Sung Yong Cho, and the program focused on live surgery, video discussion, didactics and nurse forum.

Its success added value on 'Endoluminal & Technology Symposium' and continue develop its academic and surgical excellence. 

1st Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2016

2nd Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2017

3rd Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2017

4th Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2018

5th Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2019 with you

About Endoluminal & Technology

The Endoluminal and Technology symposium (ETS) is a professional  organization formed to promote empirical and theoretical research and applications of Endoluminal EndoUrology within Asia. ETS also focused interchange of information related to Medical Technology with related associations throughout the World. 


Directors of the Organizing Committee

Sung Yong Cho


Hyung Joon Kim


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