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Endoluminal & Technology Symposium

Please review the successful four episodes of ETS 2022!

Thank You for

Your Participation

More than 640 participants from 40 countries 

participated in whole episodes during the 3rd ETS!


Episode 1.

South Korea

In Conjunction with UAA, 17 OCT. 2020

Various Surgical Approaches in BPH

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Episode 2.

Taiwan & Hong Kong

21 NOV. 2020

Endoluminal Management of UC (Urothelial Carcinoma)

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Episode 3.

Thailand & Indonesia

12 DEC. 2020

PCNL in Challenging Situation

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Episode 4.


16 JAN. 2021

Stone Surgeries Associated with RIRS (fURS, PCNL, ECISR,ESWL...)

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