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Welcome message from Chairman

Dear Colleagues and Partners


It is our pleasure to introduce you to the ’Collaboration for the Leap of Uro-Endoluminal Surgeries, CLUES’ which aim to achieve most optimised medical treatment based on the advanced technologies in the therapeutic area. 


CLUES will provide an excellent debate & discussion opportunities, where leading experts will gather to brainstorm, share experience and speak on the latest medical/ technological developments pertaining to the discipline. 


CLUES’ one of the established seminar, ‘Endoluminal and Technology Symposium, ETS’ is organised and managed by highly respected members of the medical profession in the region and representatives from the various industry partners. 

Through the past years, ETS gained a solid reputation as an innovative platform for the exchange and dissemination of the latest knowledge and technology from Asia and the rest of the world.


The theme for CLUES is: “Continuous research in ever-developing medical technologies and provide most optimised treatment ” – especially relevant in today’s world, where achievements in the field of urology have been at the forefront of advances in technology. 


CLUES will create various opportunities to investigate innovative medical technologies and help peer urologists to keep up with the relevant skills and procedures to meet the complex challenges in today’s fast-moving world. 


Sung Yong, Cho

Chairman of CLUES & Head of organizing committee of ETS 

Mission & Vison

Collaboration for the Leap of Uro- Endoluminal Surgeries, CLUES aim to achieve-;

  1. Evaluate medical technologies in Urology area

  2. Collaboration with international research centers

  3. Provide advance medical technology and surgical skill training

Endolumincal & Technology Symposium, ETS aim to achieve-;

  1. Advanced surgical approaches in Endoluminal disease

  2. Investigate and evaluate notable medical technologies

  3. Build future by transforming historical approaches and integrating with innovative technologies

CLUES - Organogram

Organizing Committee

Sung Yong Cho

CLUES Chairman &

Head of ETS organizing committee

Hyung Joon Kim

Trade and Collaboration

Woo Jin Bang


Min Soo Choo

Technology Chair

Sang Hyub Lee

Scientific Chair

Kyung Tae Ko

Finance Advisor

Local Scientific Committee

Ju Hyun Park 

Dong Sup Lee

kyu Chul Koo

Young Eun Yun

Global Scientific Committee

Hsiang Ying Lee

Chinnakhet Keteuwan

Manint Usawachintachit

Anggie Novaldy

Kwang Taek Kim

Won Ho Jung

Jae Young Choi

Ohseong Kwon

Takaki Inoue

Nguyen Ngoa Chau


About Endoluminal & Technology

The Endoluminal and Technology symposium (ETS) is a professional  organization formed to promote empirical and theoretical research and applications of Endoluminal EndoUrology within Asia. ETS also focused interchange of information related to Medical Technology with related associations throughout the World. 


Academic & Scientific Matters

Sung Yong Cho

(Head of the organizing committee) 


Hyung Joon Kim


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