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Asian Urological Society of Endoluminal & Technology (AUSET)

>>> Introduction of AUSET 

Asian Urological Society of Endoluminal & Technology, AUSET’ is aims to achieve the most optimised medical treatment based on the advanced technologies in the urological area. 


AUSET will provide excellent debate & discussion opportunities, where leading experts will gather to brainstorm, share experience, and speak on the latest medical/ technological developments pertaining to the discipline. 


AUSET’s one of the established seminars, ‘Endoluminal and Technology Symposium, ETS’ is organised and managed by highly respected members of the medical profession in the region and representatives from the various industry partners. 

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Collaboration for the Leap of Uro-Endoluminal Surgeries (CLUES)

>>> Introduction of CLUES

The theme for CLUES is “Continuous research in ever-developing medical technologies and provide most optimized treatment ” – especially relevant in today’s world, where achievements in the field of urology have been at the forefront of advances in technology. 

'CLUES' designed for Korean Urologists, considering local characteristics such as patients, regulations, policy, medical systems, and insurance. 

'CLUES' will create various opportunities to investigate innovative medical technologies and help peer urologists to keep up with the relevant skills and procedures to meet the complex challenges in today’s fast-moving world. Please join us!!


Endoluminal & Technology Symposium (ETS)

>>> Introduction of ETS 

ETS fundamentally focuses on Endoluminal Urology and related Technologies and aims to provide up-to-date trends, techniques, challenges, and advancements in focused areas. Unlike the other traditional conferences which are limited in how many presenters/sessions it can serve, ETS runs based on the participants' input and feedback.


# New Educational Platform #

ETS incorporates Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) platform which allows all the participants to have their fair opportunities to contribute and enhance the quality of the topic, contents, and discussions. Due to its open and multi-directional communication platform, participants are encouraged to raise their points or arguments freely while sharing a wider range of knowledge and experience. Most ETS topics and contents were developed through online discussions and collaborations among participants and this unique culture settled in nicely through the past 3 years of practices.

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Mission & Vison

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For Asia Pacific

Asian Urological Society of Endoluminal & Technology, AUSET aim to achieve-;

  1. Sharing knowledge and experience with Asian urologists

  2. Establish strong yet specialised network

  3. To be one of the World leading conference and provide most up to dated information 

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For Korea

Collaboration for the Leap of Uro- Endoluminal Surgeries, CLUES aim to achieve-;

  1. Evaluate medical technologies in Urology area

  2. Collaboration with international research centers

  3. Provide advanced medical technology and surgical skill training

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New Academic Platform

Endolumincal & Technology Symposium, ETS aim to achieve-;

  1. Advanced surgical approaches in Endoluminal disease

  2. Investigate and evaluate notable medical technologies

  3. Build future by transforming historical approaches and integrating with innovative technologies


History of Endoluminal & Technology Symposium (ETS)

ETS runs many programs for the first time in Korea

ETS organise specialized sessions about endoluminal endourology for the first time in Korea in 2018. We clearly defined the roles of moderator, facilitator, and speakers. Regional debates and meetings in other provinces were arranged in advance. Almost all lectures were based on video clips and we focused on various surgical tips and tricks with live or semi-live surgery on main days.


ETS ran the 'Meet the Experts' program for the first time in Korea in 2019 and allocated the 'Moderators' comment time in each session.  Technology sessions were expanded. 

After two successful offline meetings in 2018 and 2019, we faced the era of covid 19; Therefore, we planned a unique program of 5 monthly installments with active, young, and starry urologists in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Viet Nam, and Indonesia. 

Through the past years, ETS gained a solid reputation as an innovative platform for the exchange and dissemination of the latest knowledge and technology from Asia and the rest of the world. As a valuable source of accessing knowledge in the Endoluminal field,  ETS will continue to innovate various contents and a platform to provide flexible and easily accessible learning opportunities to urologists at all stages.

History of Stone Expert Meeting in Korea

 "Stone Expert Meeting" was the first stone expert meeting in Korea.  It was held in SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center (March 10, 2017) by the key organizer, Prof. Sung Yong Cho, and the program focused on live surgery, video discussion, didactics and nurse forum.

Its success added value on 'Endoluminal & Technology Symposium' and continue develop its academic and surgical excellence. 

1st Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2016


2nd Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2017

3rd Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2017

4th Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2018


5th Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2019 with you

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