History of Seoul Urological Symposium in SNUH and Stone Expert Meetings in Korea

1. "Seoul Urological Symposium" in the SNUH (Seoul National University Hospital) is the first urological symposium in Korea which started in 1991. It has become the mainstay of the present annual congress of Korean Urological Association (KUA) leading the academic key topics in the urological field in Korea. This outstanding urological symposium now start a new global version in the endoluminal area with 'Endoluminal & Technology Symposium'

in 1991

in 1992

in 1993

in 1994

in 1995

in 1996

in 1997

in 1998

in 1999

in 2000

in 2001

in 2002

in 2003

in 2004

in 2005

in 2006

in 2007

in 2008

in 2009

in 2010

in 2011

in 2012

in 2013

in 2014

in 2015

Endoluminal & Technology Symposium

in 2016

in 2017

in 2018

in 2018

in 2019

2. "Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2017was the first stone expert meeting in Korea.  It was held in SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center (March 10, 2017) and the program included live surgery, didactics and nurse forum. If you are interested in more about stone surgery in Korea, please be part of 'Endoluminal & Technology Symposium'.

1st Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2016

2nd Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2017

3rd Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2017

4th Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2018

5th Stone Expert Meeting in Korea 2019 with you

About Endoluminal & Technology

The Endoluminal and Technology symposium (ETS) is a professional  organization formed to promote empirical and theoretical research and applications of Endoluminal EndoUrology within Asia. ETS also focused interchange of information related to Medical Technology with related associations throughout the World. 


Directors of the Organizing Committee

Sung Yong Cho


Hyung Joon Kim


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